My Editing and Writing Services

Whether you want to publish a novel, a web site, or a dissertation, you need a good editor to ensure the quality of your work and create a professional impression. Costs for editing vary based on the complexity of the project, the quality of the original writing, and the level of editing desired. The slides below present an overview of the types of editing and writing work best suited to my skills.

Academic Editing

Graduate students can benefit from the services of an editor to
help make their work the best it can be. I don't hold an advanced degree, nor do I claim to be an expert in your field. However, my value to you as an editor is my drive for structure and clarity, no matter how complex the material, as well as knowledge of academic writing styles, formatting skills, and an obsessive attention to details. To learn about my philosophy and process for academic editing, click the Read More button.

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I provide this service because I understand inexperienced writers may need a little extra encouragement to get to the level of writing required to pursue their dreams. If you learn best with some hands-on guidance, I offer a short-term series of one-to-two-hour coaching sessions. My goal is for you to gain the skills and confidence you need to join the game.

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Comprehensive Editing

In a comprehensive edit, I provide summary feedback on the document as a whole to address the strengths and weaknesses
I find. In addition, I mark up the manuscript with an intensive
line and copy edit and place comments throughout as needed.
To learn more about this and other general editing services I
offer, click the Read More button.

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Copy Editing

When I copy edit, I correct mechanical errors like grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, formatting, and style
(APA, MLA, etc.). I also make suggestions when something
could be worded more clearly, and comment where there
are  major structural or organizational problems. To learn
more about  this and other general editing services I offer,
click the Read More button.

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If you have a draft manuscript and want to get a started on revisions without investing in an editor at this point, you may
choose to begin with a critique. My feedback will let you know
what's working -- or not -- and suggest structural, stylistic, and organizational changes you could make for yourself before beginning the editing process. To learn more about this and
other editing services, click the Read More button.

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Proofreading is a crucial final step in the professional publishing process. When I proofread, I am checking for all manner of typos
and mechanical errors, including formatting and style, but I don't concern myself with content. To get a better idea of what usually comes before proofreading, click the Read More button.

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Writing Projects and Services

My strengths are in journalism, creative writing, and specific kinds

of business writing, including training materials, presentations, and technical writing. The industry background and interests I bring to the table are broad-ranging. Reach out if you want to discuss the Venn diagram of your project and my background and interests.

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