• Amy Cherie Copeland

An Extended, Rule-breaking Haiku

Here is an extended haiku I wrote in 2013 while I was in the throes of a long and frustrating job search. I had answered a rather vague employment ad, and this is where I ended up. I dealt with my aggravation by writing about the creepy office and creepier interviewer and not caring that haiku are supposed to be about nature.


It’s too dark in there To see if the floor is clean. The walls are dirty.

Your crooked teeth show Through your crooked smile. I don’t Like this dingy place.

Your shifty eyes don’t Ever meet my direct gaze. How can I trust you?

“Start training Tuesday,” You say, but you haven’t looked At my resume.

I don’t believe in The hard sell, and you know that’s What it will require.

Twenty-eight hundred Dollars is too much for a Vacuum cleaner, dude.

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