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I do what brings me joy -- writing, producing my creative projects, and editing. Using art, craft, and story to influence hearts and minds, I am engaged in everything from journalism to politics, performance art to poetry, with a smattering of visual art to ground me. My editorial work and proofreading have earned me the reputation of a perfectionist you will want working for you to produce outstanding professional quality work.

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To get an idea of my range and skills, take a look at these projects.

Miami Times Contributing Writer

2020 - present

 I am honored to have the opportunity to write for the award-winning Black newspaper, The Miami Times. Contributing Writer


2018 - 2019

From About Us page: "Our city spends more than $6 billion of the people’s money each year. We think the people should be able to see how and why  it’s done. Our agenda is to inform the citizens of our great city about the dealings and decisions made every day in their name. As traditional media has fallen by the wayside, and unreliable and irresponsible “sharing” of information proliferates, we hope to make a difference by watching and reporting on what is really happening."

"My Cousin's Big Trans-Veteran Funeral", performed for the Coming Out Monologues


June 22 - 23, 2018

After my cousin died in 2017, a friend noticed my social media posts and invited me to participate in the 2018 Coming Out Monologues. It was a fantastic experience, from start to finish, and I will never forget the wonderful friends I made working with the cast and crew.

Event Production: Wild Woman Retreat

Visual Artist

I still color.jpg

2014 - present

2013 - present

I conceived Wild Woman Retreat as a series of events for women to reconnect with their authentic selves and learn about the teachings in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Women Who Run with the Wolves. With co-founders Amy Hilton and Katherine Roberts, we produced two weekend camping events and one afternoon event. My primary contributions were program development, group facilitation, and presentation of material. This is a project I hope to revisit when the time is right for my partners and me.

I've always made art as a hobby, but I sold my first piece in 2013. My visual artwork includes sharpie drawings on ceramic tile, collage, digital media, mixed media acrylic paintings, and pottery.

Co-writer of Planting Hope, a PSA/fundraiser for Hubbard House

Profile of Mary Miller in The Good Fight by Donna Hicken

planting hope.jpg
The Good Fight_edited_edited.jpg


When Donna Hicken (a/k/a Deegan) wrote The Good Fight, she invited local authors to write profiles of cancer survivors to be included in her memoir. My contribution was the profile of Mary Miller.


I worked with lead writer Richard Levine and Hubbard House consultant Ashley Johnson on the script for this PSA/fundraiser. The story we wrote incorporates some of my personal experiences.

I think we need to aspire to be fearless, too, so I want to leave you with this verse from I John 4:18:

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.

For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears

has not been perfected in love."

From my performance at the 2018 Coming Out Monologues. Photo by Cindy Vaughn-Wardle shows our smallest fan joining the COM cast onstage.


Amy Cherie Copeland

Cast of 2018 Coming Out Monologues

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